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This is a fan site. I am in no way affiliated with either Square of Japan, Squaresoft, or any related companies. If you want the official source, see Squaresoft's Final Fantasy Tactics. If you want to play Final Fantasy Tactics, you're in the wrong place. This site caters to the programming aspect of it. Consider this entire site full of spoilers for the game! A collection of links to other informative and fan sites is on

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[ Green Dragon ]


May 14, 2014
Re-acquired domain originally lost to squatters.
November 27, 2007
Lost the fftactics.* domains a while ago due to my credit card company thinking my renewal was a fraud, but meh, saves me money. Fixed the graphics links (and entire site!) to work again.
June 27, 2007
Hey Tactics Monkeys! (of Montreal, apparently). How'd your college project go, so many years ago?
June 10, 2003
The Tactics Monkeys inform me that some spells have random particle effects. Ever notice they weren't the same each time? Also, doesn't the Stellvia of the Universe return-from-commercial music sound a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics' battle introduction music?
October 31, 2002
Hot on the heels of the last release, Merlin has put out a new v1.0.0.3 of his Sprite Viewer. Also, the return of my FFT Utilities to the web page.
October 29, 2002
Merlin Avery released v1.0.0.2 of his Sprite Viewer for Windows. It should now work for people not using a 32bpp screen.
October 16, 2002
CzarDragon sent information on menu/fftsave.dat.
September 18, 2002
Welcome to version 2 of the FFT-IP site. It's now one big page with up-to-date information on Final Fantasy Tactics. The utilities will make a return in the near future. People using Windows should check out Merlin Avery's sprite editor for Windows.
[ Green Dragon ]


Scans of the Final Fantasy Tactics Playing Cards

Low-quality (72 dpi) scans:

Go buy the Millenium Collection Edition of Final Fantasy Tactics if you want the actual cards.

The images have purposely been run through a Noisify filter to degrade the picture quality. This was done to promote the purchase of the real cards and to discourage the use of these images on other sites. (If it's really important to you for some reason, send me a message.)

I realize the Millenium Collection Edition is scarce nowadays but my scanner is being a pain so I can't make better scans than the 72dpi versions above.

[ Blue Dragon ]

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm tired of various rumors so I'm giving the information with whatever proof I have. In some cases, the proof I have (for either side) is limited and in other cases I don't have anything conclusive. I will indicate the circumstances when I am sure and when I am only conjecturing. If anyone has anything to add, just send a message.

Can I get Cloud in my party?
It's covered on almost every Final Fantasy Tactics site and in nearly every guide.
If I can get Cloud, can I get Aeris too?
Aeris is contained in the evtchr.bin and evtface.bin files. These files are used for the images in the assorted story/cut scenes. This in no way implies that Aeris is a playable character. Just because you see someone on the screen does not mean they're actually usable in battle. Playable characters, on the battlefield, must be from the battle/ directory. For example, the civilians seen in the Goug Machine City cutscene and the funeral mourners later in the game are found in battle/ (why I don't know), but Aeris is not. The best you could do is get her portrait on one of your existing characters because the 'event' faces (Miluda, Vormav's thief from Dorter, Monk with Aeris, etc.) are visible during battle. No, I don't know the code to do so, but I'll be glad to post it if someone sends it to me. You can find valid battle/ sprites and the event/ character faces elsewhere on the site.
How about the Heavenly Knight job?
It does not exist in the files containing the list of all jobs in the game. world.lzw is one of the files to check. You can run it through my fft2pc utility to get the list for your own edification.
Can Ramza be a Dark Knight then?
Probably not, unless you have a GameShark.
According to Squaresoft's Official FAQ, it cannot be done. (NOTE: They've since removed the Final Fantasy Tactics section.) In addition, I have never heard a substantial number of people confirm it. I recommend appropriate levels of skepticism and requests for hard proof, however you define that. Squaresoft has said no but I will leave probably not because I am basing the responses on what I know and nothing else.
Can I get Delita back in my party after Chapter 1?
Probably not, unless you have a GameShark.
Wouldn't that rather destroy the story? Also consider that since the game never removes a non-guest character, he'd have to stay a guest. But the battles in later chapters are not designed for guest characters. Therefore, I conclude that you cannot have Delita as a guest. Since I have no irrefutable proof (although the guest thing is close), I'll leave it as a probably not ruling.
[ Holy Dragon ]


I need to make these more specific, but this will do for now.

  1. Item duping using two different methods in the shop.
  2. Using Fly and Float Boots makes your character get stuck trying to mount a Chocobo.
  3. One of the Time Mages in the Deep Dungeon screams like the other sex.
  4. Occaisonally a magic-user has warrior skills (and therefore won't use them), or vice versa.
  5. Pressing Select on the Zodiac symbols in the battle preparation screen brings up a random window instead.
  6. Cloud equips female equipment like bags/ribbons. (Probably intentional, as a joke.)
  7. Breaking a katana doesn't always show the broken symbol.
  8. Switching between an egg and a character rapidly on the formation screen lets you peek at the monster inside.
  9. Advancing a chapter with people on propositions loses the people.
  10. If a monster lays an egg on the same day you get into a random battle there is the possibility that a character on your team may be deleted.
  11. If you break Elmdor's sword and then he uses Sword Skills... his sword appears in his foot.
  12. Have an Archer Charge, then steal his weapon. Supposedly he punches (you took his weapon) but he still hits you from far away (as if he was using his bow).
  13. Proposition reports occaisonally give success messages but fail.
  14. Sometimes reports Thanks to Arc Knight this job was a success.
  15. Poaching a monster in level 2 water leaves the body behind to revive. wet poach
  16. The JP Scroll Glitch, as described in detail on the JP Scroll Glitch FAQ by TheDan
  17. Using Innocent makes Malak's Untruth ability do no damage, even though it acts on low-faith units. Faith is similarly reversed.
[ Behemoth ]

Downloads (original software)

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Utilities for Linux/Unix (requires GD library)

    What's new in v0.15: text file decompressor, nybble parsing in dumpbw, switched from GIF to PNG, faster text translation, block-aligning for opnbk.bin, opntex.bin parser, wldpic.bin parser, wldtex.tm2 pre-parser for spr2pc.

Resources, Copies, and Links

[ King Behemoth ]


File List

  • /
    The PlayStation binary program (PS-X EXE) for battles.
    sceap.dat (NA)
    Summary: Sony Computer Entertainment America Presents
    Format: 320x32 raw 24-bit color image.
    scus_942.21 (NA)
    PS-X EXE for PlayStation startup in North American version.
    slps_007.70 (JP)
    PS-X EXE for PlayStation startup in Japanese version.
    Tells the PlayStation what program to start with and sets up the stack location.
  • battle
    Summary: Zodiac clock battle introduction, chickens, treasure chests, crystals, and frogs.
    Format: 256 pixels wide, with palette (512 bytes) at end of file. As the dial uses all 256 colors, location of chicken/frog/chest/crystal palette unknown.
    entd1.ent, entd2.ent, entd3.ent, entd4.ent
    od -tx1 -w20 -v
    arute.seq, cyoko.seq, eff1.seq, eff2.seq, kanzen.seq, mon.seq, other.seq, ruka.seq, type1.seq, type2.seq, type3.seq, type4.seq, wep1.seq, wep2.seq
    Probably information on how to piece the creatures together. sequence?
    arute.shp, cyoko.shp, eff1.shp, eff2.shp, kanzen.shp, mon.shp, other.shp, type1.shp, type2.shp, wep1.shp, wep2.shp
    Shapes for large sprites?
    Summary: Character set chooseable on the name input screen.
    Format: PlayStation TIM file (assumed).
    *.spr (unless otherwise noted)
    Summary: 16-color paletted images.
    Palette: (512 bytes)
    000 - 031 (32): Palette # 1
    032 - 063 (32): Palette # 2
    064 - 095 (32): Palette # 3
    096 - 127 (32): Palette # 4
    128 - 159 (32): Palette # 5
    160 - 191 (32): Palette # 6
    192 - 223 (32): Palette # 7
    224 - 255 (32): Palette # 8
    256 - 287 (32): Palette # 9
    288 - 319 (32): Palette #10
    320 - 351 (32): Palette #11
    352 - 383 (32): Palette #12
    384 - 415 (32): Palette #13
    416 - 447 (32): Palette #14
    448 - 478 (32): Palette #15
    480 - 511 (32): Palette #16
    Image data: (36,864 bytes)
    Roughly described as either 8x8 grid of 32x35 pixel character sprites, an 8x7 grid of 32x40 pixel small monster sprites, a 5x6 grid of 50x48 pixel monster sprites, or a 5x5 broken grid of 48x64 large monster sprites.
    Notable exceptions: cyoko.spr, completely pieces; dami.spir, unknown pattern; kanzen.spr, mostly pieces; kasanek.spr and kasanem.spr, all-red palette; other.spr, chickens, toads, crystals, and chests; and wep.spr, dolls, harps, swords, slash hit effects, etc.
    Garbled mess: (whatever is left)
    Appears to be data describing how to piece body parts together. Any other details unknown.
    File notes:
    10m.sprhuman10 year-old male
    10w.sprhuman10 year-old female
    20m.sprhuman20 year-old male
    20w.sprhuman20 year-old female
    40m.sprhuman40 year-old male
    40w.sprhuman40 year-old female
    60m.sprhuman60 year-old male
    60w.sprhuman60 year-old female
    aguri.sprhumanAgriasNearly identical to kanba.spr; the location of two sprites is a few pixels different.
    ajora.sprhumanSt. Ajora
    arli.sprmonsterFlotiball, Ahriman, Plague
    arufu.sprhumanLedeNearly identical to ledy.spr; the location of a sprite is a few pixels different.
    aruma.sprhumanAlmaIdentical to gyumu.spr.
    arute.sprlarge monsterAltima v1
    baruna.sprhumanGafgarionIdentical to h61.spr.
    behi.sprmonsterBehemoth, King Behemoth, Dark Behemoth
    bom.sprmonsterBomb, Grenade, Explosive
    cyoko.sprmonsterCyokoCompletely in pieces.
    cyomon1.sprhumanMale funeral mourner #1
    cyomon2.sprhumanFemale funeral mourner #1
    cyomon3.sprhumanMale funeral mourner #2
    cyomon4.sprhumanFemale funeral mourner #2
    demon.sprmonsterArchaic Demon, Ultima Demon
    dily.sprhumanDelita (Ch. 1)
    dily2.sprhumanDelita (Ch. 2-4)
    dily3.sprhumanKing Delita
    dora1.sprmonsterGreen Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon
    dora2.sprmonsterHyudra, Hydra, Tiamat
    fusui_m.sprhumanGeomancer (male)
    fusui_w.sprhumanGeomancer (female)
    garu.sprhumanMustadioIdentical to musu.spr.
    gob.sprmonsterGoblin, Black Goblin, Gobbledeguck
    gyumu.sprhumanAlmaIdentical to aruma.spr.
    h61.sprhumanGafgarianIdentical to baruna.spr.
    h78.sprhumanWiegraf (Shrine Knights)
    h80.sprhumanMeliadoulIdentical to h85.spr.
    h82.sprhumanAlma (Graveyard of Airships)
    h83.sprhumanCeliaNearly identical to seria.spr; the location of a sprite is a few pixels different.
    h85.sprhumanMeliadoulIdentical to h80.spr.
    hime.sprmonsterPrincess Ovelia
    hyou.sprmonsterRed Panther, Cuar, Vampire
    ika.sprhumanPisco Demon, Squidlarkin, Mindflare
    item_m.sprhumanChemist (male)
    item_w.sprhumanChemist (female)
    kanba.sprhumanAgriasNearly identical to aguri.spr; the location of two sprites is a few pixels different.
    kanzen.sprsmall monsterAltima v2Completely in pieces.
    kasanek.sprhuman, no paletteCloud (entrance sequence)
    kasanem.sprhuman, no paletteUnfinished male "magician" job?
    ki.sprmonsterWoodman, Trent, Taiju
    knight_m.sprhumanKnight (male)
    knight_w.sprhumanKnight (female)
    kuro_m.sprhumanBlack Wizard (male)
    kuro_w.sprhumanBlack Wizard (female)
    ledy.sprhumanLedeNearly identical to arufu.spr; the location of a sprite is a few pixels different.
    mina_m.sprhumanSquire (male)
    mina_w.sprhumanSquire (female)
    minota.sprmonsterBull Demon, Minitaurus, Sacred
    mol.sprmonsterMorbol, Ochu, Great Morbol
    monk_m.sprhumanMonk (male)
    monk_w.sprhumanMonk (male)
    mono_m.sprhumanMime (male)
    mono_w.sprhumanMime (female)
    musu.sprhumanMustadioIdentical to garu.spr.
    ninja_m.sprhumanNinja (male)
    ninja_w.sprhumanNinja (female)
    odori_w.sprhumanDancer (female)
    onmyo_m.sprhumanOracle (male)
    onmyo_w.sprhumanOracle (female)
    other.sprspecialChickens, frogs, crystals, and chestsIts own unique format.
    ramuza.sprhumanRamza (Ch. 1)
    ramuza2.sprhumanRamza (Ch. 2 - 3)
    ramuza3.sprhumanRamza (Ch. 4)
    reze_d.sprmonsterHoly Dragon
    ryu_m.sprhumanLancer (male)
    ryu_w.sprhumanLancer (female)
    samu_m.sprhumanSamurai (male)
    samu_w.sprhumanSamurai (female)
    san_m.sprhumanCalculator (male)
    san_w.sprhumanCalculator (female)
    seria.sprhumanCeliaNearly identical to h83.spr; the location of a sprite is a few pixels different.
    siro_m.sprhumanPriest (male)
    siro_w.sprhumanPriest (female)
    souryo.sprhumanZalmo look-alike (not portrait), with hat
    sukeru.sprhumanSkeleton, Bone Snatch, Living Bone
    syou_m.sprhumanSummoner (male)
    syou_w.sprhumanSummoner (female)
    tetsu.sprmonsterWorker 7/8
    thief_m.sprhumanThief (male)
    thief_w.sprhumanThief (female)
    toki_m.sprhumanTime Mage (male)
    toki_w.sprhumanTime Mage (female)
    tori.sprmonsterJuravis, Steel Hawk, Cocatoris
    uri.sprmonsterUribo, Porky, Wildbow
    waju_m.sprhumanMediator (male)
    waju_w.sprhumanMediator (female)
    wep.sprspecialWeapons, shields, puppets, and attack effectsIts own unique format.
    wigu.sprhumanWiegraf (Death Corps)
    yumi_m.sprhumanArcher (male)
    yumi_w.sprhumanArcher (female)
    yurei.sprmonsterGhoul, Gust, Revnant
    zaru2.sprhumanUndead Zalbag
    These are sprite files without palettes or piece attaching information. They're used for monsters with too many frames of attack animation.
    arli2.sp24x4Flotiball, Ahriman, PlagueLook of Devil / Look of Fright
    behi2.sp24x4Behemoth, King Behemoth, Dark BehemothStab Up
    bibu2.sp24x4ByblosByblos job ?
    bom2.sp24x4Bomb, Grenade, ExplosiveSelf Destruct / Bite
    demon2.sp25x4Archaic DemonDark Holy ?
    dora22.sp24x4Hyudra, Hydra, Tiamatflying
    hyou2.sp24x4Red Panther, Cuar, VampireCat Kick
    iron2.sp24x4Worker 7/8Dispose ?
    iron3.sp24x4Worker 7/8Destroy ?
    iron4.sp24x4Worker 7/8Crush ?
    iron5.sp24x4Worker 7/8Compress ?
    minota2.sp24x4Bull Demon, Minitaurus, SacredWave Around
    mol2.sp24x4Morbol, Ochu, Great MorbolMoldball Virus
    tori2.sp24x4Juravis, Steel Hawk, CockatorisScratch Up
    uri2.sp24x4Uribo, Porky, WildbowStraight Dash
  • effect
    Very little is known. Palettes are 256 colors as far as known. Files larger than 70kB have the last 64kB of the file as a 256-pixel wide image, with the palette 1,028 bytes before that. Images over 34kB have a 32kB 128-pixel wide image at the end, with the palette 1,028 bytes before that. Smaller files have the 128-pixel wide image at 16kB minus 512 bytes from the end of the file, with the palette 16kB from the end.
  • event
    Select button help: status screen, jobs, monsters, equipment, abilities.
    Binary, with embedded FFT text of character names. Contains references to other file names in ASCII.
    bonus.bin, btlevt.bin
    Compressed text that fftunzip cannot currently handle. Appears similar to atchelp.lzw.
    Binary handling saving and loading. Also contains FFT text for world map locations, job names, and formation screen operations.
    chapter1.bin, chapter2.bin, chapter3.bin, chapter4.bin
    Chapter name overlay images. There's a 32-byte palette at the end of the image but it looks much better if you just render it as a raw value nybble image.
    Guessing it is a debug binary, but otherwise unknown.
    0 byte file.
    end1.bin, end2.bin, end3.bin, end4.bin, end5.bin
    Raw 24-bit color, 256x256 pixel images for the end of chapters.
    Compressed FFT text file (that fftunzip can't handle), with what looks like a binary at the top. Appears to contain formation screen equipping text, item descriptions, and possibly city store text.
    Binary. Contains references to all chapter introduction and ending images in ASCII.
    Summary: Sprite animation for event sequences. Numerous 256x200 (nybble, so 128 bytes wide in file) images.
    Format: (per-image)
    Unknown: (1,920 bytes)
    Palette: (256 bytes)
    1920 - 1951 (32): Palette #1
    1952 - 1983 (32): Palette #2
    1984 - 2015 (32): Palette #3
    2016 - 2047 (32): Palette #4
    2048 - 2079 (32): Palette #5
    2080 - 2111 (32): Palette #6
    2112 - 2143 (32): Palette #7
    2144 - 2175 (32): Palette #8
    Unknown: (384 bytes)
    Image: (25,600 bytes)
    02560 - 28160 (25,600): 16-color paletted image data.
    Filler: (2,560 bytes)
    Padding to 2,048 block alignment. No data known to appear here.
    Summary: Portraits for event sequences. 8 sets of 1x8 grids of 32x48 event portraits, with 32 byte (16 entry) palettes below each block of 8 portraits.
    Format: (per-block)
    Portraits: (6,144 bytes)
    0000 - 0767 (768): Portrait #1
    0768 - 1535 (768): Portrait #2
    1536 - 2302 (768): Portrait #3
    2304 - 3071 (768): Portrait #4
    3072 - 3839 (768): Portrait #5
    3840 - 4607 (768): Portrait #6
    4608 - 5375 (768): Portrait #7
    5376 - 6143 (768): Portrait #8
    Palette: (256 bytes)
    6144 - 6175 (32): Palette #1
    6176 - 6207 (32): Palette #2
    6208 - 6239 (32): Palette #3
    6240 - 6271 (32): Palette #4
    6272 - 6303 (32): Palette #5
    6304 - 5335 (32): Palette #6
    6336 - 6367 (32): Palette #7
    6368 - 6399 (32): Palette #8
    Filler: (2,304 bytes)
    Padding to 2,048 byte alignment? There's some sparse unknown data here.
    0 byte file.
    Summary: Icons for menu system, status affection names and icons, and interface blocks.
    Format: Standard multi-paletted image with the 768 bytes of 24 palettes at the end.
    Summary: Game Over
    Format: 256-pixel wide paletted image, with the palette of 512 bytes at the bottom.
    Summary: All select-button help.
    Format: Compressed FFT text file.
    Binary with embedded compressed FFT text (identical to help.lzw).
    Summary: In-battle weapon icons and battle effects.
    Format: 16 palettes of 32 bytes (16 entries) each in the last 512 bytes of the file.
    Binary with embedded compressed FFT text that fftunzip cannot currently handle.
    Summary: Character quotations for Select-button, leaving, or warnings. Also character class names.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: Graphical map titles, for the battle introduction screen.
    Format: Numerous 256x20 raw nybble images.
    Summary: Plot character names, random character names, text for character creation, and composer's notes for background music code.
    Format: FFT text.
    Binary with embedded FFT text of character leaving/removal messages and character classes.
    Summary: Battle error and ability messages, class names, item names, some unknown Japanese (?) text, menu specifications, ability names, confirmation messages, status affect descriptions, other error messages, and job skillset names.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: Plot character names, random character names, and job names.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: Skill/spell use messages.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: Story plot text in both Japanese and English.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: 128 formation screen character images.
    Format: 128 palettes of 32 bytes (16 entries) each, with the 4,096 byte palette information at the end of the file.
    Summary: Japanese text in a graphical image.
    Format: Raw nybble image. Needs brightened to see text.
    Summary: 160 Brave Story portraits.
    Format: 4 sets of 5 rows and 8 columns of 32x48 portraits. The palettes (32 bytes, 16 entries each) for the corresponding portraits are stored at the end of the each set.
    Apparently identical to the last of the 4 sets in wldface.bin.
    Summary: Status screen help, battle menu help, options help, formation help, shop help, tutorial messages, Brave Story help, job descriptions, monster descriptions, item descriptions, ability descriptions, map location descriptions, job skillset descriptions, and character quotations.
    Format: FFT text.
    Summary: Job names, item names, character names, menu specifications, bar proposition names, ability names, item names, proposition reward names, tutorial table of contents, world map location names, job skillset names, rumors, event names, and more proposition reward names.
    Format: FFT text.
  • map
    NumberNameFile Count
    map000(No name)2
    map001At main gate of Igros Castle41
    map002Back gate of Lesalia Castle41
    map003Hall of St. Murond Temple9
    map004Office of Lesalia Castle17
    map005Roof of Riovanes Castle21
    map006At the gate of Riovanes Castle17
    map007Inside of Riovanes Castle9
    map008Riovanes Castle17
    map009Citadel of Igros Castle21
    map010Inside of Igros Castle3
    map011Office of Igros Castle19
    map012At the gate of Lionel Castle17
    map013Inside of Lionel Castle9
    map014Office of Lionel Castle18
    map015At the gate of Limberry Castle41
    map016Inside of Limberry Castle17
    map017Underground cemetery of Limberry Castle3
    map018Office of Limberry Castle17
    map019At the gate of Limberry Castle21
    map020Inside of Zeltennia Castle9
    map021Zeltennia Castle17
    map022Magic City Gariland21
    map023Beoulve residence12
    map024Military Academy's Auditorium9
    map025Yardow Fort City12
    map026Weapon storage of Yardow3
    map027Goland Coal City10
    map028Colliery underground First floor10
    map029Colliery underground Second floor10
    map030Colliery underground Third floor10
    map031Dorter Trade City21
    map032Slums in Dorter10
    map033Hospital in slums5
    map034Cellar of Sand Mouse6
    map035Zaland Fort City21
    map036Church outside the town20
    map037Ruins outside Zaland5
    map038Goug Machine City21
    map039Underground passage in Goland3
    map040Slums in Goug20
    map041Besrodio's house5
    map042Warjilis Trade City11
    map043Port of Warjilis5
    map044Bervenia Free City21
    map045Ruins of Zeltennia Castle's church5
    map046Cemetery of Heavenly Knight, Balbanes11
    map047Zarghidas Trade City21
    map048Slums of Zarghidas21
    map049Fort Zeakden21
    map050St. Murond Temple21
    map051St. Murond Temple18
    map052Chapel of St. Murond Temple3
    map053Entrance to Death City6
    map054Lost Sacred Precincts3
    map055Graveyard of Airships5
    map056Orbonne Monastery20
    map057Underground Book Storage First Floor3
    map058Underground Book Storage Second Floor3
    map059Underground Book Storage Third Floor3
    map060Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor3
    map061Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor5
    map062Chapel of Orbonne Monastery9
    map063Golgorand Execution Site11
    map064In front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice5
    map065Granary of Bethla Garrison3
    map066South Wall of Bethla Garrison20
    map067North Wall of Bethla Garrison20
    map068Bethla Garrison17
    map069Murond Death City3
    map070Nelveska Temple5
    map071Dolbodar Swamp21
    map072Fovoham Plains19
    map073Inside of windmill Shed9
    map074Sweegy Woods20
    map075Bervenia Volcano21
    map076Zeklaus Desert18
    map077Lenalia Plateau21
    map078Zigolis Swamp21
    map079Yuguo Woods12
    map080Araguay Woods20
    map081Grog Hill21
    map082Bed Desert18
    map083Zirekile Falls14
    map084Bariaus Hill21
    map085Mandalia Plains21
    map086Doguola Pass21
    map087Bariaus Valley12
    map088Finath River21
    map089Poeskas Lake21
    map090Germinas Peak21
    map091Thieves Fort10
    map092Igros·Beoulve residence17
    map093Broke down shed·Wooden building9
    map094Broke down shed·Stone building5
    map097Inside castle gate in Lesalia21
    map098Outside castle gate in Lesalia21
    map099Main street of Lesalia21
    map100Public cemetary3
    map101For tutorial 13
    map102For tutorial 23
    map103Windmill shed20
    map104A room of Beoulve residence4
    map115Banished fort21
    map116(No name) -- Battle Arena3
    map117(No name) -- Checkerboard Wall3
    map118(No name) -- Checkerboard Wall ???3
    map119(No name) -- Checkerboard Wall Waterland3
    map125(Garbled name) -- Sloped Checkerboard3
    map68000.doc"Will work for food" -- Japanese version Easter Egg1

    Level name listings from event/world.lzw.

  • menu
    bk_fitr.tim, bk_fitr2.tim, bk_fitr3.tim
    Summary: Three different 256x128 images of the Soldier Shop.
    Format: Raw 24-bit color images.
    bk_hone.tim, bk_hone2.tim, bk_hone3.tim
    Summary: Three different 256x128 images of the Fur Shop.
    Format: Raw 24-bit color images.
    bk_shop.tim, bk_shop2.tim, bk_shop3.tim
    Summary: Three different 256x128 images of the Equipment Shop.
    Format: Raw 24-bit color images.
    Credit: CzarDragon

    In order to use FFTSAVE.DAT first create an FFT save, transfer it to the PC and use the PSX format. Now paste the first 54 bytes of that file in front of FFTSAVE.DAT and add 128 bytes of 00 to the end. The result can now be transfered back to the PlayStation.

    The first thing you should notice once in the Formation menu is that there is NO Ramza. If you have viewed the Tutorial recently, the combination of seven humans, one chocobo and one egg will also be of interest. The item quantities also appear to match.

    Some other interesting aspects include EVERY location appearing on the map, even Muron Death City, which appears in the middle of the ocean north of Deep Dungeon and is not connected by any roads. Also every single point is flashing orange. Also everything in Brave Story in is available, including the blank Facts, unused Person entries and the Treasure with text of Dummy Data.

    tuto1.mes, tuto2.mes, tuto3.mes, tuto4.mes, tuto5.mes, tuto6.mes, tuto7.mes
    Summary: Demonstration tutorial messages.
    Format: FFT text.
    tuto1.scr, tuto2.scr, tuto3.scr, tuto4.scr, tuto5.scr, tuto6.scr, tuto7.scr
    Script files to do the tutorial walk-through?
  • open
    ending.xa, fftend.str, fftop.str, fftpr.str, fftpre.str, fftst.str, fftunit.str
    All the full-motion videos played by the game in the Attract Mode, introduction, and ending.
    PlayStation binary. Contains credits.
    1. 320 x 240: Final Fantasy Tactics logo.
    2. 256 x 240: Introduction stone background.
    3. 210 x 180: Yvalice map overlay.
    4. 210 x 180: Shadow Ramza overlay.
    5. 210 x 180: Lit Ramza overlay.
    6. 210 x 180: Blank stone overlay.
    7. 512 x 240: Credits parchment background.
    Format: raw 24-bit color images.
    Summary: Text and textures for the save game screen, the logo, Alazlam's introduction message, a character set for the ending credits, and the images in the background for the credits.
    Format: Paletted images.
    Header size (4 bytes)
    Just the length of the actual header, which is next.
    Header (16 bytes, but could vary)
    00 - 03 (4): Footer size, in bytes.
    04 - 05 (2): Offset of footer, relative to start of header.
    06 - 09 (4): Zero
    10 - 11 (2): 480, 481, 482, or 483
    12 - 13 (2): Colors in palette.
    14 - 15 (2): Number of palettes.
    Image data size (4 bytes)
    Size of the image data section, including the footer.
    Footer (8 or 9 bytes)
    00 - 01 (2): Unknown. 256, 320, 512, 768, 832, 896
    02 - 03 (2): 0 or 256. It's 256 for the text that's faded in during the introduction in pieces.
    04 - 05 (2): Image width, in bytes (not pixels).
    06 - 07 (2): Image height.
    08 - 08 (1): 0, 128, 256. Flags?
  • sound
    env.sed, system.sed
    No idea.
    guess: The instrumental sound configuration.
    I haven't analyzed these, but Patrick Barnes picked apart music_55.smd.
  • world
    binary? image? Might be the binary for the music test, BGMxxxx code.
    Looks like a text file in Japanese. Likely the sound test composer's comments. Also contains contents of Germonik Scriptures.
    130 images (256 x 240) from the storybooks not available in the North American version.
    Summary: 91 Brave Story record images, of varying shapes and palette depth.
    Format: (per-image, addresses relative to each section)
    Preamble: (4 bytes)
    00 - 03 (4): Length of header.
    Header: (16 bytes, but could vary)
    00 - 03 (4): Length of header.
    04 - 07 (4): Offset to find footer. (This + Start_of_header + 4)
    08 - 09 (2): Unknown. Always 0.
    10 - 11 (2): Unknown. Always 480-483.
    12 - 13 (2): Size of each palette, in bytes.
    14 - 15 (2): Number of palettes.
    Palette: (byte size given in header)
    Palette information located in header bytes.
    Haven't verified if there is anything between the palette and data sections due to random access nature of this file. They may be right up against each other.
    Data Preamble: (4 bytes)
    Size of the footer plus the image data plus the 4 bytes required for this variable.
    Footer: (9 bytes, but could vary)
    00 - 01 (2): Unknown. Always 512.
    02 - 03 (2): Unknown. Always 256.
    04 - 05 (2): Width of image, in bytes.
    06 - 07 (2): Height of image, in bytes.
    08 - 08 (1): Unknown. Varies.
    Filler: (varies)
    Padding to 2,048 block size. No data here.
    Summary: The world map graphic, with the location data embedded in it.
    Format: 256-color palette images of 240x240, 256x240, 240x300, and the rest unknown. Investigation pending.
    Text file: the Brave Story text, job descriptions, tutorial text, and character profiles.
    PlayStation binary: world map program.

Cooked Information

[ Dark Behemoth ]
  • menu/fftsave.dat: CzarDragon sent in the information on what this is and how to convert it into a save game to load.

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[ FFT CD Image: opntex.bin ]

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